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Be Curious

3-12 years

With the completion of this course the student will be more than prepared to successfully pass the English language subject at their school or center


12-17 Years

With the completion of this course the student will be more than prepared to successfully pass the English language course at their institute.

Exam Preparation

A2, B1, B2, C1

Each one guarantees that the person who obtains the certificate is capable of expressing himself in the five linguistic competences of the language: Oral, writing, grammar, listening and reading.


3-12 years

The classes have a pedagogy and a program that is adapted to the level of each student, our teachers have the qualifications and experience in the field of teaching the French language. Our methodology is specific to teach French as a foreign language.


12-17 years

At Bilingua School we know how to adapt and we believe that all students have the goal of passing the official exam or DELF / DALF certification. The labor market and continuous training require official French language certificates.


Primary, Secondary

El apoyo escolar es la forma de clases particulares más tradicional. Siempre
School support is the most traditional form of tutoring. Always They have existed, since there is education in the classroom there are children who cannot keep up with the other students and need someone to support them. Focused for primary and secondary students.

From home

Online classes

At Bilingua we strive to offer the most personalized and accessible courses for all our students, if you want to participate in a group to attend online classes and obtain your language certification electronically, please contact us

degrees and certificates

What are Cambridge Certificates?

They are certificates accredited by the
University of Cambridge and are internationally recognized by both academic institutions and companies. Obtaining this certificate will facilitate new work or study opportunities.

Types and levels

•The Key English Test  certifies the pre-intermediate or A2 level.
• The Preliminary English Test  certifies low intermediate or B1.
• The First Certificate Exam certifies the upper intermediate level or B2.
• The Certificate in Advanced English certifies the advanced level or C1.

* In addition to the prestigious Cambridge degrees, at Bilingua we also offer a variety of official exams such as Aptis and Trinity ISE.

opinions of our students

For my Giorgiana has been the teacher who has motivated me the most when it comes to studying English, a language that was difficult for me and did not attract my attention! However now English is part of my daily life! When I passed the B1, I did not hesitate at any time to continue as Giorgiana supports me and always encourages me to continue studying! Now I have B2 and I still have strength for C1!

Francisca Fernández González


Undoubtedly the best entity to be able to learn a foreign language, since the professional training of each of the teachers is of a supreme level. Furthermore, I cannot forget the great vocation and interest that they show every day for each of their students.

To this day I have a B1 and B2 degree in English and with a thought of going back to taking up classes with the aim of getting a C1

Belén Marruecos Fernández


Reserve Your Place

Due to the current conditions, places are limited since the groups are very small in all classrooms, therefore, we recommend that you reserve your place several months in advance before the course begins in September. However, you can always contact us to check availability.