Bilingua School

Academy specialized in English and French.

Adapted to all levels and ages

Official Certificates

We help you get your official degree

Weekly Training

Varios Grupos durante toda la semana

achieve your goals

We want you to achieve your goals with us

Main Courses

Basic Lessons English / French

3 – 12 Years

Dedicated course for the little ones in the house. It is highly recommended that they start from a very young age to interact with other languages since it is the age at which it is easiest for them to obtain information and retain it

Medium-Advanced Level English / French

12 – 18 Years

Specialized courses in different areas of the English language (oral expression, writing, vocabulary …) Aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and obtaining official degrees

Official Exam Preparation

No Age range

We offer what is necessary so that you do not have any difficulty when it comes to presenting yourself and passing the official exams of different institutions and levels


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why choose us?


Focused on Students

We focus mainly on students achieving a level of English in accordance with what is required of them in their courses


Oriented to professional life

English and French are among the most valued languages in Europe and the world. So having great experience with them will open new doors for you in the future.


Cambridge Official Establishment

We teach classes focused on trying to guarantee the passing of the official exams of this institution


More than 5 years

We have been training students for a long time and always giving the best of our parts as teachers

For me, without a doubt, the best academy we have in Vícar is Bilingua! Personalized treatment and very cool teachers for both English and French! And the trip to Liverpool was amazing! Hopefully I can repeat it!


For me, Giorgiana has been the teacher that has motivated me the most when it comes to studying English, a language that was difficult for me and did not attract my attention. However now, English is part of my daily life! When I passed the B1 I did not hesitate at any time to continue as Giorgiana supports me and always encourages me to continue studying. Now I have the B2 and I still have strength for the C1!


Cambridge official certifications

They are certificates accredited by the University of Cambridge and are internationally recognized for both academic institutions and companies. Obtaining this certificate will facilitate new job or study opportunities.

complementary services

Support class

School support is the most traditional form of tutoring. They have always existed, since there is education in the classrooms there are children who cannot keep up with the other students and need someone to support them.                                                     

Language Trip

It has always been said that the best way to learn a new language is to live with it day by day. So we organize different trips to the United Kingdom where our students can experience this experience and improve both in the language and in their respective friendships.

Reserve Your Place

Due to the current conditions, places are limited since the groups are very small in all classrooms, therefore, we recommend that you reserve your place several months in advance before the course begins in September. However, you can always contact us to check availability.